About Us

Turnipseed Investment Group, the vision of Wade Jacob Turnipseed, began in the 1940s.  Mr. Turnipseed was a Veteran who proudly served his country as a member of the Army during WWII. Returning home after active duty in 1945, he put his entrepreneurial spirit into action at an early age, building his first house for less than two hundred dollars. His business foresight and hard work led to a successful entrepreneurial journey which included W.J.Turnipseed Construction Company, a thriving grocery and rolling store, and the acquisition of rental properties throughout the Atlanta metropolitan area.

Today, Mr. Turnipseed’s legacy continues through over 60 years of outstanding housing services and a commitment to customer service.   We have an inventory of rental properties tailored to meet your needs. His daughter, Gail Turnipseed Molock, is currently the managing partner of the team and works hard each day to keep the vision of her father alive.

We’re located at 93 Mortimer Street, SE Atlanta, GA 30317